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Columbia Bank and You

Wherever you’re headed, Columbia Bank has the people and resources to help get you there. It starts with “hello.” We never forget a name or a face. Real human beings answer our phones. And our commitment to providing all the services required to help build strong Northwest communities is firmly rooted in our DNA.

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It’s a feel-good, community-minded story about growing from one branch to over 140, with plenty of great relationships forged along the way.

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Longtime experts and lifelong nice people, the members of our executive team dedicate time and resources to helping customers and communities.

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Browse our press releases and brush up on investor relations, hard numbers and assorted banking business from behind the scenes.

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Always honored, always humbled. Awards serve as a reminder that community banking makes a difference to the neighborhoods we call home.

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With great communities comes great responsibility. We are proud to help communities and neighbors grow.

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We are well positioned to attract and retain new customers and to increase our market share of loans, deposits, investments and other financial services.

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Get to know your bank better with up-to-the-minute posts and in-depth articles on everything from expert advice and industry trends to in-branch dog treats.

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We are a community bank run by familiar faces, and we are always looking for people to help us grow.

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