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The Next Step in Mobile Security: Mobile Security Software

by Karlie Watts | Apr 04, 2019

Earlier in the year, we established some basic tips to help you keep your mobile device on lockdown, but being proactive with your mobile security doesn’t stop there. While passcodes, secure browsing mode and getting familiar with your devices built in security options are great first steps, staying on top of your mobile security game means staying up to date on the newest trends and resources available. As technology advances so do the security offerings at your fingertips.

Because we are doing more and more with sensitive information on our mobile devices, like mobile banking, online shopping and even paying bills, now more than ever it is vital to take precautions in protecting your data. One of the simplest ways to ensure your mobile device is secure is to keep your software up to date! Often, these software updates fix bugs or other potential security risks, so it is always a good practice to keep your device’s software up to date. While simple precautions such as these are a great first line of defense, exploring more advanced security software options can bulk up the protection on your devices.

Why Mobile Security Software?

Opting to use mobile security software offers additional layers of safety to your information by working the background to keep you safe while you browse or access sensitive information on your mobile device. Many of the security software options come in the form of a mobile app which can be a great, simple way to make sure you are taking advantage of the latest tools to stay protected from malware, viruses and scams on your smart phone or tablet.

There are many security software options to choose from for your mobile device, whether you are on an Android or Apple iOS operating system. You’ll want to do some quick research on the best options for you. Most of the big security software brands such as McAfee, Norton and 360 Security offer some type of mobile app solution. We recommend reading the app information and app store reviews for details about what each app offers to find the best fit for you.

How Mobile Security Software Protects You

Most mobile security software offers you protection by tools like anti-phishing, remote lock, parental controls, safe browsing mode, privacy advice and more depending on the software provider. These tools work to give you freedom to use your mobile device for access important information while working hard to keep your data safe. We recommend doing some research or checking out some of the resources below to find the best option for your device and needs!

Read more about mobile security software options for Apple IOS devices.
Read more about mobile security software options for Android devices.



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