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International Banking

Take your business abroad

Make the entire world your market with Columbia International Banking. We can help any size business buy, sell and grow internationally with an array of products and services, as well as one of the most complete and experienced international banking departments in the area.

We offer a full line of international banking services that can help you make the world your market. Our expert team can assist with letters of credit, wire transfers, collections and more.

Letters of Credit

The letter of credit is one of the most common, flexible and useful international trade tools. In essence, a letter of credit substitutes a bank’s credit for that of the applicant (usually the buyer of goods or services) and eliminates risk for the beneficiary (the seller of goods or services).

Wire Transfers

The fastest and surest method of sending funds overseas, wire payments are international instructions electronically transmitted to a foreign bank for immediate payment. Columbia Bank offers competitive rates on nominal wire transactions and gives preferred rates on large amounts.

Foreign Collections

When the buyer and seller have had a long-term relationship and have developed a level of mutual trust, Documentary Collections can be a time-saving and cost-effective means to reduce payment risk. Less costly than letters of credit, Documentary Collections allow clients to maintain control over transactions even as Columbia Bank efficiently handles documentation and processes payments.

Foreign Currency

When planning a business trip abroad, save time and trouble by securing foreign currency before departure. All foreign currencies (notes, not coin) available in the U.S. are available for sale or purchase at Columbia Bank, in most cases with no transaction minimums.

Foreign Drafts

Columbia Bank can issue a foreign draft (check) payable in foreign currency drawn on a foreign bank. When the draft is issued, the foreign bank is notified by computer and verified via both telephone and satellite to its authenticity.

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