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Free yourself from tedious autopay updates

CardSwap is the one place to update your payment information for anywhere you pay—shopping sites, streaming services, online subscriptions, and more—all with one tap.

Features and Benefits


Take the hassle out of new card updates. 
The most annoying part of getting a new or replacement debit or credit card is having to update your payment information on sites like Hulu, Amazon, Spotify, etc. With CardSwap, you can update your payment information all at once, all in one place, from anywhere.


One tap and you're done 
Once you've added your new card, you can update all your payment information simultaneously with a single tap.


Works everywhere you pay 
CardSwap lets you update payment information for more than 60 popular sites and services—including iTunes, Target, Starbucks, Uber, Walmart, Hulu, Amazon, Venmo, Airbnb, Spotify, and more. See the full list.


Simplifies payments and puts you in control 
You don't have to wait for a new card to use CardSwap. Anytime you want to change the Columbia Bank card that you use for a subscription or service, it's easy with CardSwap.


CardSwap remembers where you pay and lets you easily add more subscriptions and services in the future. Anytime you get a new or replacement card, CardSwap helps you take care of the rest.


Simple and free 
If you've got a Columbia Bank debit or credit card and use Columbia Connect digital banking, CardSwap is free and easy to start using.


Ready to get started with CardSwap?

To use CardSwap, you need to be enrolled in Columbia Connect digital banking, which requires a personal checking or savings account at Columbia Bank.

Already enrolled in Columbia Connect? Go to CardSwap under "Services" in the left-hand menu once you're logged in on your desktop or the mobile banking app.

Have a personal account with Columbia Bank but not enrolled in Columbia Connect yet? Enroll now.


Setting up CardSwap is quick and easy.

Getting started with CardSwap is simple. Log in to Columbia Connect or the mobile banking app and click on “Services” in the left-hand menu. Then click on “CardSwap” and follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Get Started” button.
  2. Select the vendors you want associated with your Columbia Bank card and select “Next Step”.
  3. Enter your log-in information for the first vendor as prompted and select “Link Account”. You may be asked for a security verification code.
  4. Enter the Columbia Bank debit or credit card you want associated with that vendor. You will have the option to add additional Columbia Bank cards as you enter your login credentials for the additional vendors.
  5. Enter your credentials for the next vendor.
  6. From the drop down, select the initial card you entered or “Add New Card” to enter a different Columbia Bank card you would like associated with that vendor.

The system will verify and update your payment information with the vendors automatically. You only have to enter vendor log-in information for the initial setup. Once you've set up a vendor, CardSwap will always remember it, unless you change your username or password.

Need help "swapping" a card? Learn how in the CardSwap FAQ.


Have more questions?

See the CardSwap FAQ or contact our Columbia Connect Online Banking Support team.
Enroll in Columbia Connect
Open a personal checking account

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